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Why invest in multiple assets

Whether intentional or not, every investor makes asset allocation decisions. A portfolio 100% in cash is an asset allocation decision. There is no doubt asset allocation decisions need to be made, otherwise financial goals are unlikely to be met. Most importantly,... read more

How to select outstanding businesses for equity portfolios

AssureInvest’s direct equities portfolio management goal is to achieve attractive long-term returns at lower-than-average risk. We do this by investing in a concentrated and appropriately-diversified portfolio of attractively-valued outstanding businesses. Here we... read more

Global activity endures. Bonds more stretched than stocks

Global economic growth is slowing, weighed by declining spare capacity and steady interest rate increases in the US, debt reduction and increased regulation in China and political risks including trade skirmishes that threaten confidence. However, there is enough... read more

Focus on quality with cash at the ready

Global economic fundamentals remain reasonably healthy with each key region exhibiting solid mild expansion. The United States however is more advanced in its cycle than most and the pace of growth should slow somewhat through next year as interest rates rise and jobs... read more

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