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Independent of all vested interests, bias and commissions. Absolute integrity.

Outstanding track record for more than a decade versus market and peers.

Collaboration ensuring exclusively tailored, devoted and personal service.

Radically reduced costs of investment management through our innovative approach.

Our adviser clients are empowered to boost their profits and deliver better investment outcomes, benefiting their clients and the broader community.


AssureInvest provides outsourced investment management and investment consulting services to advisers, stockbrokers, accountants and high-net worth individuals.

We offer a holistic and successful investment approach and carefully tailored solutions for individual needs, as well as cost saving innovations, integrity at the highest level and attentive customer service.

Various powerful, actively-managed portfolios cater to different investor goals and asset class preferences. Our disciplined and long term focus provides a critical framework for assessing new value-adding opportunities, preserving capital, generating superior returns and implementing at low cost. Our approach is based on proven investment theory, empirical evidence and more than two decades of our own experience.

AssureInvest’s Unique Points of Difference

Proven track record

  • Our superior investment skills stem from more than 20 years of experience across a variety of asset classes at premier global investment firms.
  • We have more than a decade’s history of outperformance vs. the market and most peers.

A Customised, Personal and Dedicated Partnership

  • We work with you to understand your profile and develop a unique investment plan to suit your business, your client or your individual needs.
  • We offer tailored services at each stage of the investment process – strategy formulation, asset allocation, security selection, risk management, implementation and monitoring.

Integrity and Independence

  • Our advice is conflict free.
  • We are totally independent of any vested interest – fund manager, bank or brokerage firm.  These organisations may have bias and thus encourage sales of their own products or more frequent trading.
  • We take our own advice – with success!  Our personal investments match the holdings of our model portfolios, further aligning our interests with our clients.

Management of Risk

  • Our measurement of risk is via a variety of portfolio analytics which we constantly monitor to optimise your portfolio outcomes.
  • Portfolio risks are managed through our focus on high-quality and appropriate diversification across assets and sectors.
  • We use a margin of safety which enables transactions to be made only when significant relative value is on offer.

Lower Costs

  • Your investment management costs are radically reduced by outsourcing to our investment expertise and efficient implementation options.
  • Portfolio costs are significantly below most peers through our focus on direct securities andexchange-traded funds (ETFs) together with our long-term, low-turnover approach.
  • No hidden costs.

Alert Monitoring and Communication

  • We constantly monitor the investment universe for changes in outlook, opportunities and risks.
  • We tactically shift portfolios to take advantage of opportunities to reduce risks and enhance returns.
  • We always communicate with you in a timely and efficient way.

Uncovering The Best Investment Opportunities - Our In-Depth Research

  • We have established our own unique in-depth analytical tools. Our approach is patient and disciplined focusing on high-quality which tends to outperform over time.
  • Our skilled perspective allows us to take advantage of short-term market fluctuations to uncover long term opportunities to boost returns and reduce risks.


Andrew Doherty, MBA, MEc, Managing Director of AssureInvest

29868-MLS-Andrew Doherty

Andrew is an experienced investment professional and innovative business solutions practitioner with more than two decades of experience in financial services.

Prior to establishing AssureInvest, Andrew spent 14 years at Morningstar Australasia where, as Head of Equities, he led the equities and credit securities research team in Australia and New Zealand.

Andrew was responsible for Morningstar’s outperforming equities portfolio management, investment strategy and investment consulting services along with development of research processes.

Earlier roles included at investment banks JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank in London and as fixed income investment manager for Credit Suisse Asset Management in Sydney.

Presently, Andrew also lectures and tutors as part of the Master of Applied Finance course at Kaplan Professional Education.

Andrew’s qualifications include Master of Business Administration degree from Australian Graduate School of Management, and Bachelor and Master of Economics degree from Macquarie University.

He lives in Sydney with his wife and two children.

We help our clients achieve their financial and business goals through exclusive, tailored services ranging from investment consulting services to complete outsourced portfolio management.

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