Advisors increasingly see the benefits of calling in an investment specialist with a proven track record to boost portfolio performance, reduce risks and lessen the research burden so they have more time to build their business.

More advisors are embracing opportunities to grow client wealth by focusing investments on direct securities and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that offer greater control, transparency, flexibility, tax-advantages and lower fees than managed funds.

AssureInvest is your trusted partner on hand.

We help you grow value in your business by working more effectively at lower cost.


Our clients choose the services that suit them best:

  • High performing multi-asset model portfolios which allow you to free up your time, enhance and develop your client relationships and outsource to a proven expert you can trust. Tailored portfolios to suit different investor profiles.
  • Our unique managed accounts allow you to deliver outstanding value to your clients while revolutionising the efficiency of your own business.
  • Our face-to-face investment consulting services to boost your ability to generate higher performing and lower risk portfolios for your clients.